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Problems with eyesight or focusing

Eyesight-related abnormalities, such as near-sight (Myopia), far-sight (Hypermetropia), Astigmatism, and age-related far-sight (Presbyopia).

Eye-related health problems and examination

There are many causes of eye diseases, such as eye-related behavioral factors, genetics, congenital diseases, environmental factors, age, etc.

Lens technology

Choosing your glasses

A pair of glasses consists of the frame and the lens. The price of the frame will be subjected to designs, structures, and materials.

DUNA is a brand of high-quality lenses for glasses and contact lens. DUNA works in eyesight-related business for decades.

Our lenses are manufactured with the innovative manufacturing technology from Germany. Our customers may rest assured with our high-quality eye-wear products, made specifically for improving the eye health of everyone. DUNA LENS presents a wide range of products that answer the demands of every people of every age and lifestyle. Our lenses are manufactured with the Digital Freeform Technology while the frames are designed with the technology that provides the clearest sight and the most comfortable feeling in the Digital 5.0 Era.

Moreover, DUNA LENS protects your eyes from UV rays. And as we care for your eye health in the Digital 5.0 Era, DUNA LENS also shields your sight against the harmful blue light, especially in the age where smartphone usage becomes ubiquitous.

Lens Products

DUNA LENS gives you a wider range of choices to solve eye-related problems while answering all of your demands, from the lenses that help correct your eyesight to the lenses that shield your eyes against harm and uncomfortable feeling. We have all the solutions for your eyesight-related needs.

Choose by brands.

Choose by brands.

Choose by ages.

Choose by ages.

Choose by lens’s properties.

Choose by lens’s properties.

Choose by activities.

Choose by activities.

Contact Lenses

Getting to know contact lenses.

The general name of contact lenses, or simply contacts, comes from the fact that the lens will come into contact with your eyes directly.

Contact lens materials.

There are HEMA-based contact lenses of various types; or silicone hydrogel-based contact lenses that have a great oxygen permeability.

Contact lens designing.

There are many designing factors, all of which affect the lens’s feeling and comfortability, such as, the curvature, the diameter, the thickness, and the edge.

Putting on contact lens.

The uncomfortable feeling when you are wearing contact lenses can be caused by the lens’s fitting, that is, the fitness of the lenses and your eyes.

Recommendation for contact lens users.

The most important factor of storing contact lenses is the contact lens cleaning solution, whereas a bottle of cleaning solution should always be entirely spent before the expiration date.

Fashion Colored Contact Lenses

For cosmetic normal vision and for shortsighted, offering in many colors and designs